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A persuasive communication style makes this an ideal time for debating, asking for favors and public speaking. Being more adventurous and taking risks should lead to positive results.

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Fortune favors the brave! Saturday and Sunday brings stimulating personal encounters and exciting events.

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You will feel more open to change in your life and may actively seek it out. This is a good weekend to try something new in your domestic routine or personal life. A stronger than normal intuition can guide you in making quick decisions on which way to go. Follow your instincts and make the most of any opportunities that come your way. The Nine of Wands can indicate anxiety and worry being burdened and keyed up over concerns. The first and best step is often to take a deep breath and calm down. Take it one day at a time, one hour at a time, if you must.

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Just click on your sun sign, and you'll get an instant overview of what the coming year could bring, especially related to love and career. It offers a narrative report as opposed to month by month.

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When you scroll to the bottom, you'll find more free information that is more specific to your date of birth. Additionally, Cafe Astrology offers month to month over views , as well as daily influences for each Sun sign.

They also have free daily and monthly horoscope reports and loads of other astrological offerings. Just click on your Sun sign on the side, and you'll be redirected to a page that contains all three. Reports are narrative and allow you to look at the year ahead in areas of career, love, and general life topics. It also provides an extensive collection of astrological resources.

Here, you just click on the arrow until you come to your Sun sign, and you'll find information related to love, career, money, and self-improvement. AstroGirl also offers daily , weekly , monthly , and video horoscopes. The astrologers who write the free yearly reports listed above are all professionals.

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Their annual forecasts discuss major planetary trends, areas of change, and occasional disruptions in love, career, family, friends, and finances. Usually, only the slower transiting planets Jupiter , Saturn , Uranus , Neptune , and Pluto are used in relation to your Sun. A chart is created, and the Sun is placed on the ascendant, the circle is then divided into twelve 30 degree segments, which are read like the 12 astrological houses.

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Finally, the slower moving transiting planets are placed around the chart. As an example, suppose Jupiter, the greater benefic , is entering your 11th house segment during the year. Then you are Leo in both systems, or Simha rashi. To avoid errors, consider calculating your sun, moon and rising sign as well as Vedic sun sign and moon sign before reading Vedic horoscopes, Leo. Don't miss our free Chinese horoscopes daily, love, monthly and yearly for even more free yearly astrology predictions, Leo!

We hope you enjoy reading the best Leo horoscopes and yearly Leo astrology forecasts and drop by often as more yearly predictions for the full year ahead are released. Yearly predictions including your Leo love horoscope, money horoscope, and Leo business, work and career horoscope !

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Astrolutely and Penny Thornton publishes in-depth horoscope forecasts for , Leo. A favorite! This astrology supersite has a lot of excellent Leo horoscope predictions , not least of which are the yearly forecasts. Stop by often throughout the whole year ahead Leo. Astrologers release their yearly forecasts at different times of the year. The yearly Leo horoscope predictions will start to move into the year ahead for when Leo has its birthday during the year.

Many Leo yearly horoscopes cover the whole year ahead You can often find last year's predictions, this year's horoscope and next year's horoscope forecast for Leo. The yearly love horoscopes and Leo yearly romantic horoscopes are all free from the best astrology websites online.

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Get your full yearly horoscope for love, Leo romance, financial astrology, business and luck! Our Leo love horoscope predictions forecast the astrology of relationships and romance for singles and Leo who are in couples. If you love our Leo predictions and Leo forecasts for , drop by often for your brief overview our detailed romantic outlook.

We also feature free horoscopes , yearly astrology predictions and horoscope forecasts for all zodiac signs. You can browse Leo horoscopes astrology by sign by sign or you can get to every sign from one page with your horoscope. How sweet is that, Leo?!